Upcoming Privacy Issues

Congress is considering requiring financial institutions to report detailed information on customer bank accounts to the IRS. This raises serious questions about your right to privacy. Learn more on our Facebook post.

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Spirit of Giving promotional materials

Materials to help promote your non-profit organization to your supporters

You're busy!  We get that, so we've created the following promotional materials to help you promote your non-profit organization during our 2020 Spirit of Giving donation program. Use any or all of the following materials. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jamilia or Kyle at 719-589-6653


Social Media

Use the following example text and images in your social media. Feel free to change the text to better fit your organization. Pay special attention to the text within the ***. This will help personalize the message to your organization

Example text for social media:
Hey Everyone, we need your help! San Luis Valley Federal Bank's 2020 Spirit of Giving donation program will begin on November 16th and end December 18th. This program sets aside $30,000 to be donated to local SLV non-profits such as ourselves. Every account you have open with SLVFB is a vote. The more votes we receive, the larger share of the $30,000 we will receive. The money we raise will (***insert your organization's projects such as buying, repairing, training etc.***) You may vote online at their website, www.slvfed.bank, or in one of their three branches. Thank you for your consideration; we greatly appreciate your support!


You can use these 8.5" x 11" full page flyers as a poster, send them out in your emails, or print them out.


Voting Cards

Print these voter cards to give out to your supporters